Task Management in OneNote, Outlook and To-Do

Like most people, I am constantly striving to try and be more disciplined in capturing, managing and completing tasks.

Around a year ago, I made a concerted effort to ditch the paper notebook and begin recording everything in OneNote. Today, I’d say that 90% of my notes, including tasks, go into OneNote directly, with 10% ending up there via my paper notebook.

OneNote has been brilliant for capturing tasks, but not so brilliant for monitoring and categorising tasks. Over the past year I’ve played around with syncing the tasks to Outlook, which is ok, but I just can’t stand the tasks interface in Outlook. I also built a Microsoft Flow that picked up the synced Outlook Tasks and pushed them into Planner. This was great for working with the tasks (I love the planner UI and functionality) but there was no easy way to flag the tasks as complete in OneNote once they were complete in Planner.

This week I made the move across to Microsoft To-Do as my main tool for categorising, priorisitng and updating tasks. I really like the simplicity of it, and more importantly it works really well with tasks that are captured in OneNote.

Here’s the flow.

A task is capture in OneNote and flagged as a Outlook Task (use ctrl, shift and a number key to set it as an Outlook task with an appropriate date)

The task then Syncs to Outlook, which then in turn syncs with To-Do. Tasks end up in your main task list with the correct due date. You even get a link back to the task in OneNote (although for the moment this isn’t clickable, this is a minor annoyance)

The best bit though, is that once the task is completed in To-Do, the task will also be flagged as complete in OneNote.

This might seem like a minor thing. But due to my dislike of working with Tasks in Outlook, this minor thing is going to make a big difference to my task management!

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